What is Global Spam Tracking Project?

The Global Spam Tracking Project (GSTP) is an international online project founded in 2014 by Christos Beretas to track spam activities world wide. The GSTP purpose is to create black list of spam IP / e-mail addresses which they have been submitted by the computer users, thus when an illegal activity take place it is easy to search for the specific IP  / e-mail address in our list to find more information where other users may have been post about it. The Honeypot Antispam Project is a smart project part of GSTP project, its goal is to attract those online robots who collect available public e-mail addresses, when the robots they will begin to collect the email address which is available on Honey Antispam Project, the attacker will get a huge amount of fake addresses, this e-mail addresses are fake and the goal is to make a list on the spammer side of fake e-mail addresses.

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